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Handmade tile panels

Bespoke ceramic splash-backs and decorative panels for your home or workplace

I make made to measure stoneware ceramic tile panels to commission. Each element is entirely handmade, each design unique. Sgraffito carving into soft clay creates a surface in subtle relief. Motifs and colour schemes vary depending on the clients' vision. Here are just a few examples of work previously commissioned. Please contact me directly for further details. 


Tile Gallery


Handmade tiles, rolled to an even thickness from stoneware clay, painted with several coats of oxide coloured slip and set to dry.

At 'leather-hard' state of dryness, tools are used to scrape away the coloured slip, revealing the bare clay beneath. This decorating technique is called sgraffito. Once completely dry the tiles go on to be fired twice, with the second glaze firing at 1260 degrees centigrade,  rendering the piece non-porous and hard-wearing.


Working on a private commission comprising varieties of Californian wildflower.

Drawn to scale, this design was for my first 'Wildflower' tile panel (see first image in gallery, above). The stylised plant species depicted here include common Cow Parsley, teazles, wild grasses, common plantain, vetch and wild salvia.

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